Feb 13, 2010

Swirls Cupcakes Toronto — Red Velvet & Raspberry Vanilla

---------------------------------->>>WITH THE ESS ON MY CHEST!!! $8.00 for 12 cupcakes @ Swirls Cupcakes, haha to the unfortunate suckers who missed out on the WagJag deal.

Red Velvet Cupcake (crm chz icing)
       —yup! hint of cocoa
       —rich, dense-ish cake-y texture
       —lite, crm chzzy icing; simply luscious!

Raspburry Vanilla Cupcake (raspburry buttercrm icing)
       —kinda-too-sweet-for-me vanilla cake
       —cake could have been lighter & fluffier & airier
       —raspburry icing saves the day


  1. Trust. Best red velvet cupcake I've had to date. Take that, NYC hipsters!!!