Aug 5, 2011

Bungee Jumping is Scarier than Skydiving


Bungee ― "Holy sh.t, Shelley. Just freakin' jump, already! It's only 43 metres, godammit! She'll get fired if she pushes you so only you can make this decision to jump. And they're about to close so you better not waste this chick's time and they don't give refunds so if you don't jump you're about to waste a helluvalotta money so just f.cking jump already!!!!!!!!" (5 mins later, after chickening out, squirming back to the bench, sitting down and having a pep talk with some random, then squirming back out to the ledge again...) "Okay Shelley, are you ready to rock and roll? (eyes wide shut) &GO!"

Skydive ― "Okay it's finally happening. No chickening out, now. He's gonna let go of that railing and we're gonna plummet to the earth. Will I feel my stomach leap up over my head?! Will the feeling feel 1000000x more intense than the hill on a roller coaster?! Ohhhhh myyyy Goddddd helppp meeeee."


Bungee ― 2.78 seconds of literal weightlessness + a feeling of sheer euphoria + yes, it felt 1000000x worse than the initial hill on a roller coaster + a sense of indescribable accomplishment and confidence gained + did I seriously just jump? + come and get me, world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skydive ― 30 seconds of freefall from a height of 15,000 feet in the sky + a cheek-deforming rush of air to the bodily senses + sh.t, I wanted to feel that roller coaster hill feeling + wow, I actually have time to take in the awesome views of Lake Taupo + ow, my eardrums hurt :(

...and that is why I believe bungee jumping is scarier than skydiving. Why would anyone decide to do something so unnatural as to jump off of a bridge, you ask? Not only to experience the physical feeling of sheer euphoria. You, and only you, can make the decision to jump. Believe it or not, making that decision is the hardest part! Deciding to jump is symbolic of all the different types of decisions one makes in life. Will you try something new? Will you take that chance? Will you make that change? Do you have the balls to take that risk??! Sky's the limit, ya'll! Just #%$&ING GO FOR IT ALREADY!

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