Aug 6, 2011

Chase down ur passion...

This isn't a stellar example of expressive typography, by any means. I'm irked by the "ur" and the "its" lacking an apostrophe too, trust me. Still, upon initially seeing this message, a smile managed to crack 'pon my face. Haha @UglyassWriting and @MashedUpHappyFace squished in the corner! There I was not 4 weeks ago, staring at this message board of some sort (along Stuart Highway in Darwin, NT), conjuring up happy Tdot memories of the dreaded 165D bus at Wilson Station. Ha. Ultimately, in all this sign's cheesy glory, I still support its overall message and I strongly encourage you all to continue "chasing down ur passions." After all, if ur passions don't motivate you, then what does?


  1. @tosh: Hmm, sorry. I don't get it. Please explain.