Aug 12, 2011

Killercarrot and the Rainbow-coloured Treasure Chest

Whichever 5-year-old art directed these series of paintings is so boss right now. What a refreshing pick-me-up! Living in drab/dingy small-town Australia (Jabiru, NT) for a month now, I've grown accustomed to being surrounded by NIL colour, art or creativity of any kind. So you can only imagine how seeing these paintings on the walls of Jabiru Area School today was a f.cking life-saver! What a wicked colour palette! An art fix and a good laugh is just what I needed. Ahhhhhhh, I can breathhhhhe again.

Mr. Beady-eyed Apple and Mr. Shmiley Broccs decided to go on a flat-footed walk into town. Along the way, they ran into Bluebeet and Killercarrot. Uh oh, thought Killercarrot. Killercarrot was hiding a rainbow in the rainbow-coloured treasure chest Bluebeet was standing on, and he didn't want anyone to find out about the rainbow because he wanted all the gold for himself! Suddenly, Rosy-cheeked Kissy Lady and Parsnip Peter slid into the scene on a purple slide. And before anyone could bat an eyelash, 3 evil villains, Muscleman Ananas, Mr. Shmiley Broccs's fraternal twin and Sir Squished Greenpea swooped down from a pink plane and stole Killercarrot's rainbow! The rainbow then transformed into a yellow sun :) Like my make-believe story? Haha. This masterpiece was created by the artists below.