Jun 3, 2010

The Grain Shop London — Portobello Street Market


1/2 hour left 'til my arse had to hop back on the Tube to the airport... and after checkin' out Fifteen and The Ministry of Food exhibit, I made Portobello Street Market my last stop. Too bad it wasn't a Saturday, which is when more of the antique/vintage shops and stalls come out. In any case, I stumbled upon this super freakin' awesome take-out foodie joint, The Grain Shop. Offering a handful of savoury baked goods (like my Soya Schnitzel pictured above) and sweet baked goods (i.e. Coconut Bread not pictured here), The Grain Shop blew my socks off. Never before had I eaten a veggie pastry as sumptiously satisfying as this Soya Schnitzel. Oozing with stringy mozz cheese and dripping with fresh tomato sauce, this schnitzel's buttery whole wheat pastry crust made my 8 hour layover in London worthwhile.

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