Aug 2, 2010

Caribana 2010 ♥ Food Stall Lovin'

Ali's West Indian Roti Shop had a food stall at this year's Caribana... and here I am trying their Corn Soup and Doubles. Wondering what Doubles are? A sandwich of two fried flat breads filled with curried chickpeas, called "channa," Doubles are a popular street food in Trinidad. And your fave Doubles joint in TO is....?

Despite my satisfaction with the Corn Soup, my buddy Richard dissed it. He said it was severely bland, under-seasoned and unlike anything close to what one would find in Trinidad. As for the Doubles... well, the quality was poor likely because the food stall had about 20 hungry people waiting in line for them. As such, the plan of action is to hit up Ali's actual Roti Shop and try their Doubles once again. Let's hope the second try's a charm.

So I told the cane juice man that I grew up in the Philippines, which is untrue. Hah. What is true is that my moms used to cut up sugar cane sticks for me to suck/chew on. The fibrous stalks would tickle my teeth! Still, in its juice form, cane juice is one of the most refreshing, natural drinks I've ever had.


  1. Looks like you had a good time :)..wish i had grabbed me some cane juice too lol

  2. Yup! Had a blast! Yo, that was the first time I had straight cane juice! All I can remember is sucking on sugar cane stalks back in the day... And thanks again for subbing-in as the videographer, bahaha! Your expertise in Trinidadian food was uber-necessary.

  3. Same here, I don't think I've actually had cane juice either, just actual sugar cane itself...but even thats been a very long time. I wouldn't say expertise, just some basic info i guess lol.