Aug 23, 2010


Foodhaterism. Ya'll know what it is. Quite literally, foodhating encompasses anything and everything having to do with the act of hating in relation to food. Chefs who get irate when guests bust out their cameras in restaurants to take pictures of their food? FOOD H8RS! People who aren't open-minded enough to try cultural cuisines they've never tried before? FOOD H8RS! Pretentious folk (i.e. the snobby old man host at Babbo Ristorante in NYC) who have the audacity to give a guest attitude after she had inquired about the wait time for a table? FOOD H8RS! In all my exasperation, I've designed a FOOD H8RS SUCK logo. Are there any examples of Foodhaterism that make YOUR blood boil??!


  1. I sub to your Youtube and decided to check out your site. I'm still a little fuzzy on what exactly a food hater is, but that seems a little strange that a chef would be upset to have his food photographed. Photographs of meals are used to promote a restaurant, so this is a strange concept to me. One would think the chef would be flattered--after all, you are admiring it before enjoying it, and before your body turns it into waste. If you get a chance to see a film called "I Like Killing Flies" I think you would be entertained. It's a documentary about the ill-tempered proprietor of a legendary comfort food restaurant.

  2. Marla, thanks for the movie suggestion, I will try to get my hands on that film! Yes, the Foodhater concept is pretty open-ended, free to be interpreted differently by all. Thank you for the insight.