Aug 22, 2010

Your Lay's Flavour ― India


For months, chip-lovers all over India had the chance to sample these four Lay's flavours and vote on their favourite. While traveling in India back in May of this year, the girls and I even made a fun-filled food-y experience out of it. But now, the tasting game is over, kids. The winner has finally been announced. Congrats to Sagar; Mastana Mango wins with 1,577,891 votes! Does Mastana Mango deserve to be crowned best flavour of the four? Hells yesssssssssss. Here's how I would rate 'em up:

#1. Mastana Mango ― simultaneously sweet & spicy, reminiscent of a mango popsicle, daring!
#2. Tangy Twist ― tangy indeed but the lime juice powder just isn't bold enough, bland as hell
#3. Hip Hop Honey & Chilli ― honey factor = 7.5/10, spicy factor = 2/10, hip factor = 0/10
#4. Cheesy Mexicana ― only to be eaten by the oddballs who crave the taste of processed cheese

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