Nov 11, 2010

Deuces, T.Dot! What up, Oz?


After being somewhat depressed in Toronto over the past year, I've finally made the leap. Bouncin' off to Oz on a Working Holiday Visa has always been a bullet point on my life's list of TO-DOs. So here I am in Melbourne, struggling like a mofo. Contrary to popular belief, the lifestyle isn't anything close to "living the dream." Who could enjoy smelling dirty feet every night at a hole-in-the-wall hostel? Still, I'm loving it. And you know why? Because every day I meet like-minded people from all over the world trying to make it here in Oz too. We're all trying to find jobs, to chase dat paper in order to buy expensive@ss groceries and pay next week's hostel fees. As young people passionate about experiencing the world, we'll hustle their arses just to get 'er doooone. So far, it's fulfilling as hell.


  1. Definitely been posting richer, juicier blogs since you've been there. Glad to see you're living your dream & enriching your own life after making that oh-so-courageous leap girlfriend. I'm loving your posts, I wish you all th very best, and always looking forward to hearing about your foodie adventures. Take care of your amazing self, until next time, peace & love homie <3

  2. Anh, thanks for being my homegirl for life, and one of the most supportive friends EVER. You already know we'll be keepin' in touch... I HEART YOU!!! Keep doin' yo' thang girl!