Nov 3, 2010

El Tonayense Taco Truck - Mission - San Francisco


Ehyo Chowhoundians, is this the true El Tonayense Taco Truck?! You tell me. I'm not a San Franciscan local. On Nov. 2, right after the parade on Market Street celebrating the Giant's winning the World Series, I spotted 'nuff peeps lining up at this truck... so I figured it must be good. Don't know for sure if more than one truck exists, but this one was parked in the Mission, at Harrison & 14th.


Messy me got porky juice droppings on the trunk of someone's car, bahahaha. Suckers. Lesson of the day: don't park your car in front of a taco truck, stupid! Only had room in my tummy to try one taco, so I randomly chose the Al Pastor Taco. Marinated pork? ...shmwhy not? Cost me a buck-seventy-five. And it was a buck-seventy-five well spent...! "This thing is drippin in my hands, and I'm gettin someone's car dirty... but I don't even f.cking care..."

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