Nov 22, 2010

Johnston Street Fiesta 2010 ― FOOD PICS


21 November 2010 | Between Nicholson and Brunswick, along Johnston Street in the Fitzroy 'hood just last weekend, the masses came... and ate. Boy, did they eat. At one point, it was suffocating just to walk through the crowds. But seeing all the different kinds of food being cooked and consumed made it all worth it. Arepas! Pupusas! Churros! Paella! Sangria! Hungry for more? Slideshow's below ---->

Gimme gimme one of those swirled-out potato skewers please! I ranted and raved about this Fiesta to my buddies... not only because of the food, but because I absolutely loved the viiiiiiibe. Suuuper chillz and diversified to the maxx! Made me feel like I was at home!!! 'Cuz we all know Toronto's the most culturally diverse city in the world. The Johnston Street Fiesta pretty much felt like a miniature Latin version of Toronto's annual Taste of the Danforth Greek festival.


  1. sheeeeeeet this is beautiful! and i'm hungry.

  2. Samantha, thanks a bunches girl! Glad I helped make your tummy growl. Is it snowing in Toronto yet?

  3. Shellz, beautiful photogz, from a beautiful travellin' spirit! I'm e-conversing with a friend who just misspelled the word "philosophical" and made me think of another food blog name: Phyllosophical. Eh? Eh? :P Much love from T.Dot!

  4. Haha steph, you the best! Always brainstorming & supporting! <3

    About post: Oh my oh my, oh mon dieu, I wish I coulda been there you lucky cow. Taste of th danforth, in oz! with Latino food.. I need to go eatS something just to shut my tummy up! My tummy & I do love the bold & beautifully colored photography btw

  5. Thanks for the comments guys!!! Stupid video feature on my camera = BUSTED :( sad = Shelley