Nov 9, 2010

A Moveable Feast | Life-Changing Food Adventures Around the World


I'm currently reading this book and I'm dying to tell you guys all about it. Here are some inspirational quotes I've pulled from the Introduction, written by the Editor, Don George.

"On the road, food nourishes us not only physically, but intellectually, emotionally and spiritually too... it can be a gift that enables a traveller to survive, a doorway into the heart of a tribe, or a thread that weaves an indelible tie. It can be a source of frustration or a fount of benediction... it can be aweful or ambrosial ― and sometimes both at the same time..."

"Food is an agent of transformation, taking travellers to a deeper and more lasting understanding of and connection with a people, a place and a culture." I couldn't have said it better. Thanks, Mr. George.

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