Dec 26, 2010

[2010] Christmas in Melbourne

Merry Xmas to meeeeeee! Yup, I bought myself a box of Guylian for Xmas this year. The familia knows how much I obsessed over this chocolate back in the day. And since I didn't receive any presents (don't care 'cause I'm not materialistic anyway), a $5 box of chocolates was the perfect gift for thyself.

Prior to opening up my box of Guylian, I awoke on Xmas Day a happy lady. Though thousands and thousands of kms away from "home," I didn't feel like an orphan one bit. As soon as I got my groggy arse outta bed, I stumbled into the kitchen only to be greeted with multiple hugs and madd people cheering "Haaappppy Chrrrisstttmasssss!!!" Hahaha, thanks a bunches, guys!!! After I had cooked up a mean mushroom omlette for breakfast, I braced myself. For I. Was going to try a Tim Tam. For the very. First. Time. Popular amongst Aussies, a Tim Tam is composed of chocolate cream filling layered between two chocolate biscuits and coated in a thin layer of chocolate. Taryn and I still prefer Twix.

―Christmas BBQ―

Tip: Stock up on veggies at the Queen Vic Market on Xmas Eve! I bought a sh.t ton of mushrooms, multi-coloured capsicums and two massive zucchini for about $5! Only on Xmas Eve, man. Guess 'cause the market stays closed from 25 Dec - 29 Dec. On Xmas Day, I cut up all these damn veggies and skewered 'em up. So cheap, so easy to prepare and so helllaaa gooooood. See 'em grillin' up a storm on the barbie in the photo above? Much ♥♥♥ to Zoe and Lindsay for welcoming us into their beautiful home and hosting our Xmas BBQ! Surrounded by good food (Tomo made rice rolls, Hayley made tuna pasta salad, Nirit made the uber-flavourful beef patties, Zoe & Lindsay provided the roast beef & sausages), yummy drinks (goon + red wine + beer + beer + beer) and most importantly, good PEOPLE, I couldn't have asked for more this Xmas.

Cheers to a Happy Christmas in 2010! Thanks to all who made it special! Can't wait for 2011...!


  1. Guyyyy-liaaaannnnnn! Have you heard my song tribute to that chocolate? I remember those as a kid:) I think we all used to get a box. I used to eat those so slowly that I'd still have some left by My Bday in March.
    Glad you enjoyed Xmas, Shel! Have a happy new year cuz! Hugs Lisa

  2. I alsooo LOVE Guylian, Mmm! I would alternate b/w the dark and light ones and cherish the hazelnut goodness. Merry belated Christmas shellstar, and live it up during New Years! Miss yaaa.


  3. Dearest Fam (Lisa) and Friend (Lowwaine)... first off, thanks for the lovely comments. Seeing the comments of others on my cheesy blog always makes me smile. It's funny that you guys have such fond memories of Guylian too! Guess it's a much-loved choco after all. Loww, you're right about its hazelnutty goodness. I've been a sucker for it from TIME. Happy New Year to you guys as well!! Love ya'll, miss ya'll.