Feb 21, 2011

Mooza Designs - Letters - TRAVEL

"In 2010, my 3 major passions ― food, travel and design ― took control." ―Shelley Pascual

And that's the truth! It was only fairly recently that food, travel and design seized me by the neck and choked me, screaming at me to do something about them OR ELSE. And so I did. That's why I'm here in Oz... working/travelling/eating my way around the country and all the while figuring out how to incorporate my Graphic Design degree into the whole scheme of things. The photo above was captured as I strolled through the Paddington Markets in Sydney just last Sat 19 Feb 2011. Though I'm not a huge fan of the Gill Sans typeface, bigups to Mooza Designs for incorporating the themes of food and travel with design and typography. It ain't an easy feat, that's for sure.

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