Mar 27, 2011

CAESAR PIZZA — Bimbo Deluxe

I love the whole idea of turning a classic salad upside down and slapping it into the form of a pizza! Bimbo Deluxe's Caesar Pizza is quite possibly the most interesting personal-sized pizza I've ever eaten. She's rich and racy and so deserves to be famous. And she possesses all the characteristics of a classic Caesar Salad!

PARM ― A Caesar Salad is only a Caesar Salad if it's topped off with salty shavings of real parmesan cheese. This pizza is topped off with salty shavings of real parmesan cheese.

BACON ― Though tasty, the slices of bacon on this pizza are sorta rubber-y. They need to be crispier and similar to the texture of crisp-tacular bacon bits we've come to expect to top off a Caesar Salad.

BABY COS LETTUCE ― Fresh to death-ness! The mound of leafy lettuce piled high atop this pizza is what makes it so visually stunning/appealing. Most Caesar Salads contain iceberg lettuce leaves, but texturally, I don't think iceberg lettuce would work as well atop this pizza.

ANCHOVIES ― Of the 25 bites it took me to finish this pizza, one of them consumed an anchovy, which was hidden somewhere under all the lettuce. Hmph, I don't like fresh anchovies on my Caesar Salad anyway.

CAESAR DRESSING ― A tad overpowering and calorific, but an absolute must in transforming this Pizza into a Caesar Salad. And what's a Caesar Salad without all the creamy, raw egg-y, oily dressing-y goodness, anyway?!

CROUTONS ― Sike! No, there aren't any croutons in this pizza. But this Caesar Pizza's crisp, thin crustiness sure fools the texture taste buds into thinking so!

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