Jun 8, 2011

FitChips ― NOT all that & a bag of chips

Back home, they're referred to as fries. Here in Oz, fries are called chips. Whatever they're called, we all have our own definition of a mind-blowingly mm-mm-good chip. Shelley's ideal chip is 1. fresh-cut 2. crispy on the outside and 3. moist/soft on the inside. Simple as 1, 2, 3. FitChips are air-fried and therefore less greasy and considered healthy and blah blah blah, but they're just not worth writing home about. The worst thing about them is their mushy texture; 0% crispiness, ya'll! Blegh. My suggestion? Treat yourself every once in a while and shallow pan-fry your own chips at home --> click for pic!


  1. Good point!!!!!. hmmmm maybe i will do some yam fries this weekend.

    3 thumbs down to Fitchips.

  2. U r absolutely RIGHT! tried it too. Thought MCD's fries were the worst but FitChips.com.au leads my WFL(WorstFriesList).Even 14 different kinds of disgusting sauce like MANGOMAYO cant camouflage this product!