Jun 9, 2011

[TIPS] Backpackers in Oz

Thinking of getting a Working Holiday Visa in Oz? Do it!!! You won't regret it!!! Let's just say it's been one of the best experiences of my LIFE so far!!! Here are some tips from yours truly. Keep in mind that this list will continue to grow as my backpackeriness in Oz continues...


―Arrive in Oz with an open mind.
―Be flexible. Embrace sporadic decision-making.
―Arrive with toiletries (i.e. toothpaste), as they're madd expensive here.
―Girls! Arrive with pads/tampons/girly stuff, as they're madd expensive here.
―Don't get materialistically attached to anything, especially clothes.
―Purge regularly. Nothin' worse than carrying 25kg of stuff on your back!
―Do not, I repeat, do not bring anything you fear you'd lose.
―Stay at hostels! How else do you think you'll meet people?

Hostel Life

―Go halfsies on laundry loads. You'll save a buck or two.
―If you don't want any haters, wash your own dishes!
―Never waste food! A backpacker will eat anyone's leftovers.
―Utilize free food shelves and book swap shelves.
―Let shit slide. You'll run into him or her again.
―Throw the idea of privacy out the window.
―Learn and practice the art of squatting. Esp on Sunday mornings.
―Never forget your room keys, even when you're just going across the hall.


―Claim non-resident status. You'll be able to get almost all your taxes back.
―You're more likely to get hired if you fib on your CV.
―Say you've had experience working in Oz even if you haven't.


―Bring your unlocked cellular phone and use it in Oz.
Crazy John's YES. Vodafone NO. Telstra MAYBE.
―Crazy John's $15 Flat Chat recharge lasts about 2 weeks.
―Bring a mini-computer (light/handy for travelling) that has excellent battery life.
―Buy the cheapest international phone cards from Global Gossip.

―Buy a 2-hour Metlink ticket and only validate it when you see an inspector.
―Shop for cheap clothes and miscellaneous items at Savers.
―Buy a bike (on Gumtree) and then sell it (on Gumtree).
―Funkyass colours of NYC nail polish is only $2 at 7/11.

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