Oct 14, 2011

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

20 Sept 2011 | Hill Inlet Lookout (see previous post) overlooks the famous Whitehaven Beach of the Whitsundays. Wasn't I a lucky duck for being able to chill on Whitehaven Beach for a solid 2 hours?

Whitehaven Beach is a 7km stretch of 98% pure silica white sand. The photo on the left is my view of the beach looking south, and the photo on the right is my view of the beach looking north.

After running into the water and swimming for a while, I got hungry. Two seagulls kept pestering me as I sat and enjoyed my tuna sandwich lunch. Sigh, I really loved these natural wavy patterns in the sand.

On the far south side of Whitehaven Beach, I spotted these cute kids making giant ice cream sand castles. Yum! The sand castle on the left looks uber ice cream-y. Scoop of maple walnut, please!

Thank you, Whitehaven Beach, for letting me rub your fine white sands into my skin. I'd been advised to try it and found it rather pointless but thanks anyway. I'll be back someday, Whitsundays! Adieu!


  1. you make me feel like going back soon to Kiwiland and do picnic at the beach or park.
    these are great pics under the sea. wish i could do scuba diving but am too old for this activity.

    thanks for sharing your LE EXPERIENCE!!!!!
    now i have an idea what Gold Coast is all about.
    as kiwis always says ....i went there and done that.

  2. @Auntie San: Anyone can go scuba-diving, at any age! C'mon, remember when I went bungee-jumping?! They told me a 90-year-old had done it, so why the hell couldn't I? That definitely encouraged me, so don't let age stop ya!