Jan 7, 2012

My 1st Day in Australia

It's time to get honest: I bought myself the newest 13" MacBook Pro. So technically, I could have posted stuff up a long time ago. But the truth is, folks, I feel differently about my website. I mean I started this blog nearly two years ago, and now... in order for it to be a true reflection of me, it gots to change somehow. And because I'm still figuring out how it must change, it has remained stagnant.

All I know right now is that I miss Australia, dearly. I miss the awesome weather, I miss constantly meeting new people, I miss hittin' the road... Most of all, I miss the possibility of each day being 360° different from the next. But I'm not gonna dwell on the past. To reminisce, I've posted a throwback vid of my 1st day in Oz, jittery though I was. I had just landed in Melbourne, I was taking the Skybus into the city, and I didn't know what the eff I was getting myself into. At the time, hells no I didn't think I'd survive 11 months of backpacking! But I did. And it's about time I patted myself on the back for it.


  1. I sensed a little nervous woman.....
    That was some big step....

    that was then. now a pro about going out there and giving it hell. It was a good thing that
    you didn't listen to anyone then. start to pen all these stories...write a book Belz.

  2. @Mommy #2: Yes, I guess I was a likkle nervous back then. I can admit it now. Haha @ "now a pro about going out there and giving it hell." I didn't listen to anyone then, and I sure as hell ain't listening to anyone now. Thanks for the support, Mommy #2!