Mar 25, 2012

MUST-EATS: Amsterdam 2012


When in the Netherlands, do as the Dutch do and stuff your face with stroopwafels 24/7! André and I shared this Super Stroopwafel* while strolling through Dapper Market (Amsterdam East) earlier this month. Soooo much better than the store-bought kinds. Not too sweet with a hint of cinnamon in it... with a tad bit of bite... served up hot and fresh... a definite market must-eat while in Amsterdam.

MUST-EAT Dutch Foodstuffs* / Foodstuffs that I enjoyed while in Amsterdam

1 — Dutch-style chips/fries* (served with mayo, diced onions & special ketchup) @ 3am on a Fri night
2 — microwaved Poffertjes from Albert Heijn supermarket were disgusting so stick to the fresh kinds
3 — Vanille-ijs from HEMA ‘cause a cone is only €0,50 cents and soft serve is a rarity in Deutschland
4 — Febo fast food just for the freakish fun of buying food out of a coin dispenser contraption thingy
5 — superb praliné-filled (almond & hazelnut) chocolate eggs from chocolate shop Metropolitan
6 — Broodje Haring* (raw herring & diced onions in a bun) is typical Dutch snack food at its finest!
7 — Pindakaas is just peanut butter but I went buckwilddd 'cause I've missed Kraft PB so much
8 — Roasted Duck from Nam Kee was tooooo rad! But PS. They're more famous for their oysters.
9 — Amsterdam cheese* because they're internationally known for it, duh! Shoutouts to Old Gouda
10 — store-bought Stroopwafels* are a must-try in order to really appreciate the freshly-made ones

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