May 5, 2012

Ich spreche noch nicht fließend Deutsch.

There are a million reasons why one chooses to learn a new language. I myself have chosen to learn German because I live in Germany. In order to fully integrate into society, I find it imperative that I learn the language of the people here. Not to mention, in wanting to be able to meet new people and make new friends, communication is key.

I've chosen to go freestyle with it, opting out of taking a course and rather, learning on my own and at my own pace. So far, despite all the ups and downs, I don't speak fluent German yet... but progression has definitely been made. My goal? To be able to speak basic conversational German within a year. And because I love the challenge of learning a new language so much, here's some insight for ya'll......


5 Tips: How to Learn a New Language

1. Get over your self-consciousness, and get over it quickly.
2. Get the #@&% out there! Talk to people! Make mistakes! Accept feedback! Speak freely!
3. Join language groups/organizations where you can practise speaking in an informal atmosphere.
4. Immerse yourself completely. Watch films (with subtitles). Be observant. And read, damnit, read!
5. There will be plateau stages, but don't worry. The learning process can only go in one direction: uP.

5 Awesome Things about Learning a New Language

1. You exercise a different part of the brain. Who wouldn't want that?!
2. It opens doors and increases opportunities, whether for traveling, working or studying purposes.
3. Anybody can do it! You just gotta be a go-getter. Be passionate. Be persistent.
4. The revelation moments when things start to make sense will make you feel high on life all day.
5. I promise, it'll be unlike anything you've ever done before. And the outcome? Highly rewarding.


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2012

    Du bist auf dem richtigen Weg

  2. Danke!!!!! Ich bin stolz auf mich.