Jun 28, 2012

Laugenbrötchen mit Mohn und Sesam


It's my absolute fave type of bread at the moment. Before your very eyes is a Lye Bread Roll (Laugenbrötchen) sprinkled with sesame seeds (Sesam) and poppy seeds (Mohn). Here in Germany, baked goods made from lye are very popular. North Americans would know of only one baked good made from lye: pretzels. But here, they have heaps more baked goods made from the same batter as pretzels! As you can imagine, all lye-based products are slightly salty (which makes them so damn good). Thank God Leda introduced me to Kollwitz Bäckerei, the café (Prenzlauerberg, Berlin) where I enjoyed this sandwich. Mozz & tom is a classic, but just Nutella instead would've also been good.

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