Jun 12, 2012

Weißer Spargel vs. Weißer Spargel


The white asparagus season is slowly coming to an end here in Germany. One can still find them in the supermarkets, but the baskets just ain't brimming like they were last month. I was lucky to have tried them (for the 1st time in my life!) in mid-May, when Renate prepared it beautifully for us one night for dinner (above, left). She paired the asparagus with the most tender pork filet I had ever tasted, as well as simply boiled potatoes with hollandaise sauce on the side: a classic German meal indeed. What does white asparagus taste like, you ask? Its texture is soft (far from al dente) and its flavour is mild.

Immediately after this impressive dinner, I was inspired to try my hand at cooking white asparagus for myself. But because I didn't want to spend €5/kg on the monstrous-sized ones, I settled for the puny, thinner and cheaper white asparagus. Boy, was this a bad idea. I learned afterward that because one must peel each white asparagus stalk before cooking (it has an inedible skin), the monstrous-sized ones are ideal. Shmh. In any case, we prepared a butter-breadcrumb sauce to ladle over the white asparagus, and served it alongside boiled cauliflower and sliced ham (above, right). A for effort!!! :/

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