Jul 29, 2012

MUST-EATS: Hamburg 2012

A few weekends ago, I was up in Hamburg chillin' with Cuzzo Lisa. Though the weather was much colder than it should've been and I nearly caught a cold, it was fun nevertheless. We did most of the touristy sights, and the food-y joints we checked out were really good; I'd recommend all of them!

Arizona Steakhouse

Arizona is Juli & Benny's favourite steakhouse in Hamburg, and Juli recommended we have our last dinner in Hamburg here. Not surprisingly, we weren't disappointed. The steaks were around 15 Euros a plate... such decent prices! I actually ordered a salmon dish (not pictured here), but I tried Lisa and Darryl's steaks and they were both grilled to mid-rare, juicy perfection. Bonus: lively atmosphere!

Petit Café

As there are two Petit Café locations in Hamburg, it's a must that you visit the original location on Hegestraße. It's cozy and cramped and way more abuzz with activity than the other one. I'll keep it short: if you have a soft spot for rustic-style cakes, you'll go buck wild when you try these. Juicy/barely cooked on the inside and golden n' crusty on the outside, they're simply sinful with whipped cream! We tried three different cakes: Apple/Cinnamon (super sweet), Cherry (sweet/sour) and Raspberry (tart).


Months ago, Josephine recommended I try the falafels and the mozzarella dessert at Azeitona. Man I wish we had such cheap yet yummy falafels in BS! Azeitona offers the cheapest falafel wrap I've ever seen in DE: 2,50 Euros for one wrap! There are 4 freshly-fried falafel balls in one wrap, and the falafels aren't super crispy on the outside. Instead, they're soft in texture with a slightly crispy bite to them.

Let's not even get started on this mozzarella dessert. Never before have I tried anything like it! Served hot and baked fresh, it's literally a mound of mozzarella cheese, and then perhaps shredded (cheddar) cheese on top of that..? After its baked, it's topped off with chopped almonds. It's just so seldom that I eat a warm dish for dessert, let alone a lecker-icious warm dessert! Underrated-ness right hea!

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