Aug 1, 2012

My Bike = My Lifeline

How much do I love my lifestyle right now? I effing love it off! Why? Because I don't need to beg people for rides or chase down the gottdamn 165D bus anymore. Why is this such a big deal? Well, after living in the suburbs of Toronto all my life, this is effing Freedom 55! All I need is my trusty ol' bike :)

She helps me get to my many different places of work, to my Thairobic class on Tuesdays, to any supermarket I feel like grocery shopping at, to the bars/clubs when meeting friends at the weekend... but wait, there's more! 1. There are bike lanes on almost every street in my city (be jealous, Toronto heads!) and 2. I don't have to bike farther than 30 minutes from our flat to get anywhere I need to go within the city. I'm living the healthy/mobile lifestyle I'd always yearned of living. Can't get no better!


  1. Nice steeldonkey

  2. @Anonymous: Haha, she definitely is old as f$#@k! Every day I discover something new that needs to be fixed. Oh, but I love her.