Sep 2, 2012

1st Filipino Dinner Party

Even though Filipino cuisine isn't my absolute favourite (I'm a huge fan of Middle Eastern cuisine and Indian cuisine), right now I'm on this madd flip food tip, aspiring to make all the childhood dishes I grew up with. What can I say? I miss the taste of "home," and making these dishes makes me feel closer to the loved ones who live over 6000 kms away. The process of teaching oneself how to cook: priceless.

Menu | 1st Filipino Dinner Party | 25th August 2012

—Grilled Eggplant & Mango Salad
—Pancit (Filipino Noodle Dish)
—Turon (Banana Lumpia)

We had also served many Filipino snacks and drinks: Puto, Dried Mango Slices, Banana Chips, Sky Flakes, Mango Juice & Calamansi Juice. It was pretty kool because most of our guests hadn't really tried Filipino cuisine before. There really isn't anything more interesting than the sharing of cultures.

It was definitely an evening to remember. I think our Turon turned out amazing, as the plantain was super-ripe. Plus, that combination of something soft and sweet fried in something crispy is always $%*#ing bomb! The eggplant/mango salad took me forever to prepare but I was happily surprised that its sweet/sour taste appealed to our guests! And lastly, I gotta admit our Pancit turned out a bit dry... but now I know what I need to do properly for next time :) Soo... next up: Canadian Dinner Party?!!!


  1. hi belle
    foods look yummy and hope it's tasty as well....
    practice makes perfect kiddo!

  2. True that! Practice does make perfect!
    PS. I know who you arreeeeee...!

  3. Would you believe it? Mid eastern and Indian food are my fav as well. Pinoy food comes 3rd.
    (sorry kabayans)

    The apple does not fall far from
    Mommy#2 tree.