Nov 2, 2012

Crêpes vs. Galettes

You all already know that crêpes are somewhat of an institution in France. But to be honest, they were never so OMG for me. Maybe I'm more of a North American-style pancake chick? Anyway, here are some of the crêpes we recently tried in Paris. Whoops — let me correct myself. Technically speaking, crêpes only refer to those made with wheat flour. Those made with buckwheat flour are called galettes. So what ya'll see here is a nutella crêpe from Richard Lenior Marché, a pre-packaged galette filled with bacon and goat cheese from some supermarket chain that I can't remember right now, and (drumroll please)... the "Complète" galette from Crêperie Bretonne Fleurie.

Filled with ham and gruyère cheese and topped off with a wobbly, half-cooked egg, the Complète lived up to everything I expected it to be. I especially loved its crispiness (reminded me of dosas from India), a texture I think would be hard to recreate if I made it at home. I spotted one guy in the resto using his fork to break the egg and spread its yellow-y goodness all over the galette. A fine idea for next time! Washed down the Complète with Val de Rance cider and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the day.


  1. So.....which one you like better??? You know my choice!

  2. @atez: Well, you know I can go both ways! Sweet & savoury fiend 4 life!