Nov 25, 2012

The Trip that Inspired my Unceasing Travel Itch

I was a wee lil 19-year-old Teenie back in 2008. Despite the fact that Bondz and I went with a GAP adventures tour group, the two weeks we spent in Costa Rica were indescribably phenomenal. It was the trip where I was officially bitten by the Travel Bug, and to this day, I still consider it one of my favourite trips ever! It was simply a superb mix of adventure, nature and culture. The pics shown here were taken by my celly at the time (hence the blurry quality). Peep my Flickr album for digicam pics.

Most memorable Costa Rica moments: vertically climbing (2 hours one-way) up an extinct volcano only to go swimming in the lake that had formed in its crater, eating the cheapest and yummiest tuna steak burger ever in life as a reward for the insane 4 hour hike, watching dried cocoa beans being turned into a chocolate dip right before my very eyes, finding a dead (Hootie & the) blowfish on a beach, swimming at a secret waterfall (not pictured here) and zip-lining/swinging through Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Rainforest (also not pictured here). A budget-friendly and beautiful country to visit indeed! I luh CR!!!


  1. YUM and FUN! So many memories! We need to make more memories, sis! Holiday trip, 2013??!

  2. @atez: On point with the YUM & FUN description :) Holiday trip = TOO TEMPTING!!!