Dec 25, 2012

2012 Goslar Christmas Market / Weihnachtsmarkt

I've been living in DE for almost a year, ya'll! How exciting is that?! When I was just a visitor last December, I had the chance to check out what German Christmas Markets were all about. As such, this year they weren't as magical for me. Having said that, however, they're still part of a charming tradition that goes back hundreds of years! I had heard from several of my students that the Goslar Christmas Market was worth checking out. So that's exactly what we did not two weeks ago.

Goslar's Christmas Market definitely attracts more tourists than our Christmas Market in Braunschweig. It's located in the Harz Mountains, the centre of the little town is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it's famous for its Christmas Forest (see photo above). To tell the truth, we were disappointed at finding out the famous forest had just been strategically placed in the middle of the market, but it's kool to walk through nonetheless. What do I think is so special about Christmas Markets in general? I personally love the idea of being snowed upon while enjoying hot, alcoholic beverages with loved ones.

...and for those of you wondering what kind of food you'd find at a German Christmas Market, here are some pics you can feast your eyes on! In addition to the plethora of grilled sausages one could choose from, here's a list of other typical foods available: pretzels, fries/chips/pommes, caramelized almonds and lots of fried sweet things (e.g. Schmalzkuchen, Schneeballen, etc). Do note that every Christmas Market is slightly different in that it serves up local/regional specialities that another city or town might not. I find it quite pricey to eat/drink at Christmas Markets; you're definitely paying for the experience.

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