Dec 30, 2012

Christmas Chocolates in Germany

Ach ja, I really wanted to do a post on the crazy assortment of chocolates that fill the shelves here during Xmastime. But as usual, I procrastinated and only had the chance to document this. In addition to Blätterkrokant, there's DominosteineSchokoladenkränze, Marzipan-Kartoffeln and a plethora of other "Christmas-flavoured" chocolates filled with such flavours as cinnamon, roasted apples and caramelized almonds. After living here, I've come to realize how much I missed out on as a kid!

We have Lindt products in Canada, but it ain't nothin' compared to the flavours that they offer in the shops here. Browse through the site and see the variety for yourself! It's effing insane!!! It'll definitely be a while before I can say I've tried all their Xmas chocolates. But anyhoo, back to this lovely Blätterkrokant. Imagine caramel cracknel surrounded by nutty-tasting nougat and a coating of milk chocolate. When I first tried one exactly 1 year ago, I swear time stopped for a few seconds.

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