Dec 18, 2012

*SPOTTED! Maple Pecan Danish (Pekannusstasche mit Ahornsirup)

EEEEEEGADS, PEOPLE! I took an absolute FLIP when I saw these at a local supermarket not one week ago. You wouldn't believe how long I've longed for the maple pecan danish at Timmies (Anh, I'm pointing at YOU). I haven't had one in years and I'd been craving one sooooo badly recently and can you imagine how I excited I was to find an imitation version here?! German bakeries have awesome pastries to choose from, but this rather Canadian one just ain't common to see. How lucky am I that Edeka offers it during the holidays?! Naturally, I had to buy two for 1,69 € rather than one for 0,99 €.

The danish was definitely worth trying. At least now I know that I won't be buying it again. Why, you ask? Because you can't call it a maple PECAN danish with a measly 1.5 pecans in it! In total, (as you can see in the photo), a few small pieces of pecans are sprinkled on top. I was expecting to at least find some pecans inside the pastry, but NO. Can someone say... stingemeisters? Ja ja it was nice and flaky and some maple syrup flave was definitely there, but it ain't NOTHIN' compared to my beloved maple pecan danish from Timmies. END OF STORY. Only 3 more months... ...

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