Jan 12, 2013

Bourtange, NL ― A Star-shaped Fortress Village

I always love when we have the chance to visit nearby countries n' get outta DE for a bit. Visiting the Netherlands, for example. I've always felt the vibe to be different there, and unlike other people I think the Dutch culture is definitely different from the German culture.

Sometime during the Xmas holidays, we drove up to Bourtange for a day, as it's only about 2 hrs from Münster. Bourtange is an old fortress village in the northern part of the Netherlands. Kool fact: Because it used to be a fortress (we're talkin' hundreds of years ago), it was originally designed in the shape of a star! Is that coincidental or what?! S-T-A-R-R! Nowadays, tourism is the village's main industry.

Another thing I love is the look of typical Dutch houses. So charming!! Course I had to pose in front of a Dutch house as well as a Dutch windmill, hehe. While strolling through the village, we also stumbled upon a really kool candle shop and spontaneously bought Marlies a neon pink candle. Then, when we got a little hungry, we all had hot chocolate drinks and Pannekoek at a local café. The village also has a "cannon-shooting" every Sunday in the summertime, which def woulda been kool to see, too. Darn.

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