Mar 21, 2013

Honey, I'm hooooommmeeeee!


We've landed on Canadian soil safe and sound, hurrah! 'Twas an exhausting TXL-AMS-YYZ journey all in all but nothing too unbearable. Luckily, Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) offers one hour of free Internet and that definitely came in handy during our 2-hour layover! With a little bit of time to "surf the Web," I stumbled upon a drawing called Yonge and Queen by Vincent Hui. Such fond memories!! Anyone who's from Toronto has to be familiar with this intersection (it's that iconic). So excited to be home!!!!!!!


  1. Mommy #2May 02, 2013

    One of the spots I used to visit during Xmas Seasons when I was new in Canada. It was always an exciting corner to visit. Beautiful!!!!!

    1. Really?! Awesome! I love hearing stories from the 70s. Must've been a much different time in Toronto back then. The fashion was also pretty kool back then. Mommy #1 had so many nice things but never held onto them for me! :(