Apr 12, 2013

Sweets/Souvenirs from Germany

Can you believe that I've given away almost all of this sweet stuff?? I brought 'em all from Germany and I've been slowly giving them away to family and friends. I'll repeat myself here: the selection of chocolates in Germany is so much better than what you can find in Canada!! Among my faves are Eszet (thin slices of chocolate that you eat on top of bread), Spekulatius (a spread made of crushed cinnamon-y biscuits) and Duplo (my fave Ferrerro product by far - it's sort of a cross between Kit Kat and Ferrerro Rocher).


  1. Mommy #2May 02, 2013

    I missed that day when these are being shared.
    I better luck next time:)

    1. @Mommy #2: They were shared during Easter! Whoops, I forgot to point them out to you. Boo!