May 11, 2013

[FOTOS] Klippenwanderung im Okertal ― Wandern im Harz

The highest mountains in Northern Germany are called the Harz. It only takes about an hour to get to the Harz from BS. And since the last time we'd been there was about a year ago (see blog post here), last weekend, we found ourselves exploring the Harz yet again. This time, we embarked on a 3.5-4 hour hike called Klippenwanderung im Okertal, which just means "Cliff-Hike in the Oker Valley." The hike ended up taking closer to 8 hours to complete, though this was mainly due to getting lost for an hour and often stopping to take pictures. Trotzdem waren die Sehenswürdigkeiten wunderbar!

Well, DE, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how beautiful this hike was! Dare I say it's comparable to the many mind-blowing hikes I went on in Australia?! Anyway, to provide further details to the fotos... it seemed like everywhere along the trail we followed were logs on logs on logs all spray-painted with neon-coloured symbols and numbers which I instantly fell in love with. I also felt compelled to take a pic of Ahornplatz because it literally translates to "Maple Square/Place" and ain't that so Canadian?!

Another kool sight was Mausefalle, which translates to "Mouse Trap" in English. It's not hard to see why. The natural placement of the rocks at Mausefalle looked like a sort of mouse trap, what with that huge rock being held up by much smaller one. And that's me holding up a really heavy piece of wood likely fresh-cut from a 50-something-year-old tree. If it were realistic at all, I would've loved to take it home and use it as a cutting board. All I'd need to do is polish it down really well, no? ;)


  1. I wanna hike here too, sis!

  2. You can, sis! If/When you come visit us, that is. So do it already!!