May 5, 2013

Toronto 2013

It took forever and a day, but here it finally is. There were just so many pictures to sift through! While sifting, I realized most of the pics I took were of food (go figure). How could I not take advantage of having every type of food in the world at my fingertips?! #noexaggeration I made the bf try all your typical Canadian stuff like nanaimo bars, poutine, peameal bacon sandwiches as well as butter tarts. None of them really blew him away. Dry. Not surprisingly, however, his fave food turned out to be roti!


  1. If only you had a West Indian store in Braunschweig. Maybe we can ship you some frozen roti?

    1. I wish we had something like that o'er here! Problem is, there aren't any West Indian people around. Hence, there's no demand for it. Frozen roti from Canada is a bombbb idea. But, I wouldn't want them being confiscated by the German authorities. Solution: I attempt to make it myself?!