Sep 7, 2013

DSLR Camera Fun

Who: us!!!!!!!
What: just plain messin' around with the DSLR
When: around midnight on 30th August 2013
Where: on holidays in Ypres, Belgium
Why: ...because being creative's fun?! It was André's idea.
How: 1-2 headlamps + wild arm flailing + 30 sec. exposure time

I think my fave is the Pac Man one, which I will not take credit for. Jeez, why didn't I think of that?!! Heaps of photos turned out crap the first time, and we did them again and again 'til they turned out decent... but it was well worth it! Luckily no one saw us or they might've thought we were crazy jumpin' around with headlamps at such an untimely hour. I cannot stress enough just how much fun this was!! Guess because I haven't really sketched/drawn/painted (or done anything arts-y) in the past while. May the creative juices continue to flow...

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