Nov 17, 2013

Beet Salad Recipe


I've realized that I haven't been sharing many of my recipes lately, even though I try out new ones all the time. Only about 1/4 of them manage to wow me though, and perhaps that's the reason why. Here's a salad I whipped up recently that I was really happy with.

First, I prepared the bulgar according to the directions on the package. Then, I cut up some cucumbers, red & green peppers, tomatoes, red onions and some parsley and mixed 'em all in with the bulgar. Next, I cut up some creamy cheese that I found from the local Turkish supermarket and added them to the mix. A little olive oil, lemon juice and salt & pepper are all that you need to season the dish. I topped off the salad with chopped, cooked beets at the very end just so the entire salad wouldn't turn red. Serve chilled for a light & lovely meal, enjoyable even in the chilly autumn-winter months.

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