Dec 3, 2013

[Night] Bremen Christmas Market 2013

While it's true that most Germans don't go Christmas-lights crazy decorating their homes in an over-the-top fashion during the holiday season, they do enjoy the typical things your average Canadian enjoys. They put up Christmas trees in their homes, they like Advent calendars and of course Advent wreathes and candles as well. So it isn't surprising that they, too, like to bedazzle their cities with Christmas lights.

PS. Don't know what Feuerzangenbowle is? Directly translated, it is red wine punch (containing rum which has been set alight). It's a sweet yet robust drink and it goes down in history o'er here. There's even a movie called Feuerzangenbowle, which was filmed in 1944. What's more, it's a staple at any Christmas Market in Germany, and likely cannot be found at the Toronto Christmas Market. Ha!

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