Feb 10, 2014

Dresden 2014

It's been a minute, ya'll. Time has been flyyyyying by. Since I last wrote, I've been working like crazy and to keep sane, I've needed to make weekend getaways here and there. Hence, not having enough time to write bloggie posts. I spent a very cold weekend in Dresden last month, and it was zooper! Among my favourite sights: the oldest porcelain artwork in the world (a 102m long yellow mural called Fürstenweg), as well as Kunsthof in Dresden Neustadt (an artsy courtyard that has FUN written all over it).

And this weekend I'm off to Kiel. Helloooooo, Baltic Sea! Next month I'm off to Leipzig, juhu! It's true that I've come to live for the weekends but what can you do. It won't be forever. Let's just say big things are about to happen. Plans are being concocted as we speak! It's about cot damn time I started focusing even more on what I need to do to pursue the career I really want to pursue. As sissy put it, #upandup!

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