Apr 14, 2014

The Alps / Munich 2014

5 days.
Braunschweig --> Munich.
Crashed at a fellow Canadian's place (the hospitable Kelsey Kappel).
Visited my first concentration camp in Germany (Dachau).
Munich --> Füssen --> Hopfen-Am-See
Stayed in a lovely apartment overlooking a lake for 3 days.
Went on nearby day-trips (i.e. Neuschwanstein bka the 'Disney Castle').
Took a cable car up to Zugspitze (the highest point in Germany).
Remained speechless for a few hours.
Ate traditional Bavarian food that wasn't über salzig!
Enjoyed daily highs of 20 Degrees.
Spotted onion-topped churches.
Fell in love with the Bavarian countryside.
Rushed back to Braun Town.
Urlaub zu Ende.

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