May 18, 2014

Manchester 2014

I'd been to England once before. Back in 2010, I spent eight hours frantically running around London on a stopover flying home to Toronto from Mumbai. This time around, with the lovely Ali Wilson as hostess, I had my first glimpse of a "big" city in England. And what I really enjoyed the most was experiencing the city from less of a tourist's point of view. After all, who knows where I'll end up in 2 years? (sly face)


The fun-filled weekend began when Ali made us bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for brekky on Saturday morning. But before that we did a big grocery shop at Tesco which was pretty much the English version of Germany's real and Canada's Real Canadian Superstore. I could've stayed in that supermarket for hours gawking at all the goods we can't get in Germany, *sigh. Oh, the endless array of cider, cheddar, peanut butter and biscuits to choose from! Note to self: Find out what Banoffee Cake is.

What patriotism!! ^^

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