Aug 28, 2014

Pascuals in Europe Pt. II

One of the major disadvantages of living abroad is that you see your family on average once per year, depending on how far away you are from them. I've accepted and lived with this fact for a few years now, but saying goodbye after spending time together has not gotten easier. It never does. Who likes goodbyes, anyway?! I hate 'em. But so ist das Leben.

I'm thankful and blessed to be able to have spent my summer hols with my family in Europe just this past month. In 2012, we visited Rome and Paris together. This year, on Mama Pascual's request, we visited London, Amsterdam, BS and Berlin. The obvious highlight for me was showing my family the city where I live, Braunschweig aka BS, and Germany in general. After all, I've come to call Germany home. Though it felt absolutely surreal while my family was in town, I loved every minute of it. Now whenever I talk about my life, they'll actually be able to picture it, which makes me genuinely happy beyond words.

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