Feb 17, 2010

Bymark Toronto — The $34.95 Bymark Burger

So the folks at Richmond Hill Post ordered the so-called "Best Burger in Toronto," the infamous Bymark Burger, to get tested in a chemistry lab. Health Canada suggests the average, healthy adult should consume 2,000 calories daily, more or less. AND THIS &*%$# CONTAINS A WHOPPING 853 CALORIES ALONE!!!! Shiet son. BeeTeeW: Cost of burger = $34.95. Holla at pg. 42 of this link to see how many calories are in your beloved Veal Sandwich from Cali Sandwiches. Bahahahaha. Muahahahaha. Gahahahaha.


  1. calories have never stopped me in my pursuit of yumminess!

  2. The calories wouldn't stop me, but the price might.

  3. Both the calories AND the price would potentially stop me.