Feb 16, 2010

Chocolate Research Facility — Singapore, Malaysia

Lychee Martini... Green Apple with Dried Pear? Darjeeling Tea???! Red Bean Milk??!??!! These are only 4 out of 100 different chocolate bar flavours at the Chocolate Research Facility in Singapore. Designed by Asylum, the entire identity (branding, interior design, website) is conceptually strong. In a space where phat drips of chocolate ooze from the ceilings, one is whisked away to a land of wonkyness and scrumdiddlyumptiousness.

This oozing chocolate theme is continued on the Chocolate Research Facility's website. Hilariously, on the homepage the user is forced to click on the link of their choosing quickly, before the milk and dark chocolate dripping from the top of the page eerily consumes them. I say nevermind the refresh button, 'low yourself to get smothered in the smooth, buttery, ooey and gooey goodness, just like Augustus Gloop!!!!!

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