Mar 1, 2010

I ♥ PC Blue Menu

I am absolutely gaga over PC Blue Menu products. It seems the company has won the hearts of so many not only because everyone has decided to try n get healthy lately, but because the company does indeed offer healthier alternatives for the calorie-conscious. More than any other product shown here, I am itching & scratching to try these Double Chocolate muffins!!!!! Whole grain whole wheat flour??!%$#?%?! I'm down.

Actually, the only product here I have tried is PC's Yogurt Spread. And it is absolutely DIVINE; a lil taste of heaven's heaven, if you will. A cross between yogurt and cream cheese in terms of taste... GAhhh no pt tryina explain! You simply MUST try it. With some kinda berry jam. On whole grain toast. 'Nuf said. And SO WHAT if Philadelphia's Fat-Free Cream Cheese has only 15 calories per tbsp and PC's Yogurt Spread has 25 calories per tbsp??? Phillie's long list of ingredients = fake, preservatives-ridden CRAP.


  1. Yogurt spread sounds awesome, I also wanna get my hands on some of that gelato.

  2. Let's buy a tub in the summer and eat the gelato on someone's porch, basking in the sunlight.