Mar 2, 2010

Soma Chocolate Toronto — Sparky Gianduja Truffle


Innovative. Charming. Vivacious. Flirtatious! Best believe I'm personifying a truffle. Thus far, my taste buds haven't hit it off with a more magnificent chocolate confection than Soma's Sparky Gianduja Truffle. An uber-thin layer of dark chocolate creates the truffle's exterior, allowing what's within, the true stars of the show, to shine shine shine. Gianduja is a hazelnut-flavoured chocolate. And the truffle is dubbed "Sparky" because it is indeed LACED with POP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go ahead and bite into this unassuming $2.00 piece of chocolate. Mini-explosions will start to mingle with the smooth, velvety milkiness (reminiscent of Nutella) in your mouth. Close your eyes and be transported back to the good ol' days, where kids with dirt in their nails scrounged up change to buy Pop Rocks from dollar stores and poured the packages straight into their mouths. YUP!


  1. That truffle looks amazing, literally a flavor explosion. A treat for the senses, when are you taking me there?

  2. Anytime, mon amis. Anytime. Gotta go back to try the Dark Hot Chocolate. So let's bizounce already!