Mar 18, 2010

my favourite bars


Whoever doesn't like the combination of chocolate and coconut is a big fool. Just joking.
On a serious note... Nature's Path Choconut Bar is crazy chewy, yet it still has texture and
bite. Crisp rolled oats, flecks of dried coconut & dotted with mini chocolate chips... perfect
for an on-the-go snack. And though I always find granola bars to be too sweet, this bar hits
the spot just right, in a semi-sweet kinda way.


I am a BIG fan of fig bars, and I have fond memories of poppin' them back like there was no tomorrow back as a yout. Today, I've found that all the fig bars out there are just too sweet for my liking. Even PC Blue Menu's Fig Bars. And don't even get me started on Nutri-Grain bars. But lo & behold, Kashi's Blackberry Graham Bar comes to the rescue! 50% filling and 50% crumbly, bread-y exterior. Just like a new school fig bar should be.


OMG LÄRABARS. These bars can't get any realer. Call me crazy for tryin' all 16 flavours, but heck, they're so damn good! The Pecan Pie LÄRABAR is my absolute fave. Pecans, almonds & dates are all that's in this bar!!! None of that methylcellulose, high fructose, words-I-can't-pronounce sh.t. Plus, the founder, Lara, has such a great entrepreneurial story. Furthermore, the branding and packaging design of LÄRABAR is just dope.


  1. Lara bars are the best! I love the nut ones the best!

  2. Ohhhh man... my fave is Pecan. But Pistachio and Cashew are also wayyyy up there.

  3. I love lunbars bars as well!