Mar 16, 2010


Iron Cupcake Toronto: March 14, 2010


Toronto's very 1st Iron Cupcake Competition was a smash hit last Sunday! Similar in concept to FoodTV's Iron Chef, in celebration of St. Patty's Day, the secret ingredient was indeed beer! Hosted by For the Love of Cake (the cake/cupcake shop known for introducing Mancakes to Toronto), the event ran oh so smoothly.


Bakers from all walks of life showcased their cupcakes to be judged on taste, presentation, creativity and use of the colour green. Meanwhile, us cupcake aficionados merely grazed the room gawkin' at cupcake after cupcake, snappin' pics, minglin' with one another and lickin' cupcake crumbs from our mouths. Can't forget to mention, Raaw provided cups of hot green tea that supplemented our sweet samples exquisitely. Lovely way to enjoy a lazy Sunday, wouldn't you agree?



People's Choice Winner: "Morning After St. Patty's Day"
Baker: Allison Davey | Beer: Smithwicks & Guinness

Each person that attended the event (unless you were a judge) was given 4 mini cupcakes to sample out of the total 16 in the competition. Unfortunately, as a result, I was unable to sample either of the two winning cupcakes! Boo-urns. But in terms of presentation, the "Morning After" deserved to win, hands-down. Playful. Conceptually strong. And just hilarious! See the green pretzel on the cupcake's head? Yeah, it looked ten times more delectable in person.


Judges' Winner #15: "Erin Go Bragh"
Baker: Brenda Robinson | Beer: Guinness

As previously stated, I was unable to sample this cupcake, but I'll live. In my eyes, this cupcake just ain't as conceptually strong as the "Morning After" cupcake. Visually, it doesn't have as much flair, quirkiness or character as the People's Choice Winner... but I guess taste prevails above all. Why does Bobby Flay suddenly come to mind? In any case, much love to all those who were balls-y enough to bake with beer at Toronto's 1st Iron Cupcake! Who's in for next month's Iron Cupcake? _______ is the secret ingredient for April 2010!

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