Mar 15, 2010

Japadogs, Japadogs, get your Japadogs!

The Spicy Cheese Terimayo Japadog — photo taken by macrohead

Gotta love the cute, yummy aesthetic of the menu on Japadog's website. What is a Japadog, you ask? The Appetizer calls it "a hot-dog-style bun with a variety of exotic fillings." Exotic, eh? Apparently, during the recent 2010 Van-City Winter Olympics, Japadog kiosks had madd line-ups! And who wouldn't wanna try a Terimayo Japadog — a "jalapeno & cheese smokie" with seaweed on top? Too bad so sad for those of us who reside in Toronto :( The Japadog is only available in Vancouver, my friends. Torontonians could only wish T.O. street food offered anything minutely close to something as audacious and drool-worthy as the Japadog.

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